Ontarian Employers Wanting to Hire a Foreign Worker

If you are hesitant because of the paperwork involved, we can help you every step of the way.

Recruitment Services

Helping Ontarian employers to hire foreign workers

Are you an employer in Ontario struggling to find workers? Whether you require a specialist in a specific field or cannot find locals to take on certain jobs, have you considered looking for candidates from other countries? If you are hesitant because you fear the paperwork involved, we can help you every step of the way.

  • First Step: We will find the right employee for the position
    Our recruitment specialists can assist you in finding foreign talent for positions in Ontario. Just let us know what kind of worker you're looking for, and we will use our network to find the right candidate for you.icon-worker.png
  • Second Step: We will check the candidate's eligibility for a future work permit
    We will ensure that the candidate you have selected is eligible to apply for a work permit in Canada. This includes verifying that they meet certain criteria, such as having the required English language proficiency, education, and experience that are necessary for the position you are offering.icon-shield.png
  • Third Step: We will assist you with the recruitment process to demonstrate your genuine effort to locate and hire Canadian workers for the position.

    It is great news if you have found an employee who is interested in the position - you might even already have a verbal agreement with them. But you must know this: before being allowed to hire a foreign worker, you need to apply for the Labor Market Impact Assessment LMIA and the worker will need to obtain their work permit. The candidates cannot apply for an LMIA themselves.

    Please note that before applying for an LMIA, you must first advertise the job in various specific sources to prove that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available to fill the position. The recruitment process to be followed as per the requirements of Employment and Social Development Canada ESDC varies depending on the type of job and the location of the position.

    We will help you go through the entire recruitment process to ensure that what you do is compliant with the requirements imposed by ESDC as part of the LMIA application.

    If approved, you will receive a document (LMIA approval) confirming that there are no Canadian citizens or permanent residents available for the job and that the foreign national worker may now proceed to apply for their work permit.icon-construction-worker.png
  • Fourth step: Assistance with the preparation and filing of your Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application

    Once you have gathered enough proof that you cannot fill the position locally and complete the required recruitment steps, our licensed immigration practitioners will assist you with preparing all the paperwork and filing your LMIA application with Service Canada. We can also help the candidate with a work permit application and assist family members with their visa applications if they want to join the foreign national worker in Canada.icon-list.png

Do you meet the necessary requirements to apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

The LMIA process can be quite complex and overwhelming, as there are many steps involved. However, you don't need to worry as our immigration practitioners will guide you through each step and ensure that everything is done correctly. Here is the process:

  • Show genuine efforts and detailed evidence that you tried to hire Canadians and permanent residents for the position you are offering to the foreign worker candidate
  • Offer the required wage for the position in that location and occupation
  • Prove that your business is legitimate, actively operating, and can afford to hire a foreign worker
  • Give a valid reason why you need to fill this position
  • Create a Transition Plan that shows how you will hire a Canadian worker after the foreign worker leaves (if applicable)
  • Pay the non-refundable LMIA processing fee

Our Services in a Nutshell

Recruitment Services

We will assist you in finding workers from other countries for job vacancies in Ontario

We have connections in different countries to search for suitable candidates.

We will help you understand the requirements for skilled positions in various industries to increase the likelihood of approval for work permit applications

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Application

Our licensed immigration practitioners will:

Provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare an LMIA application and what documents are required

Help you document your local recruitment efforts to demonstrate that you were unable to fill the position locally, despite your genuine efforts

Apply for and submit the LMIA application on your behalf for the specific position

Communicate with Service Canada on your behalf and provide updates, relay messages

Prepare you for any interview(s) with the program officer before the LMIA decision is made

Update you on any notifications, requests for additional information or documents, or invitations to a phone interview

Provide you with the required reminders and information regarding the post-approval compliance reviews as established by Service Canada once the LMIA application is approved

Work permit for the foreign worker you want to hire

Our licensed immigration practitioners will:

Help you find out if the foreign worker fulfills all requirements to qualify for a work permit based on your job offer and an LMIA approval

Check the worker's education, English language skills, and experience to make sure they are eligible

Prepare and submit the LMIA-based work permit application to Canada Immigration (IRCC) on the foreign national worker’s behalf if the worker is eligible

Additional services for employees already working for you

Do you have workers who are currently working outside Canada? We can help you with various immigration options for your employees overseas.
  • Help your employees get Business Visitor Visas
  • Assist with getting eligible candidates’ Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits (another type of employer-specific work permit)
  • Provide help with potential work-permit exemptions for things like short-term work assignments and after-sales services
  • Check if your foreign workers are eligible for permanent residency in Canada
Do you have foreign workers who are currently living in Canada and need immigration support? We can help in the following ways:
  • Assist with the restoration of status for your workers
  • Help family members of your employees with getting visas, extensions of status, or restoring their status in Canada as needed
  • Assist with getting new entry visas (TRVs) for your foreign workers who are already in Canada.
  • Check if your foreign workers are eligible for permanent residence in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company already advertised the position we are looking to fill. Do we need to advertise again for the LMIA application if we want to hire a foreign national worker?

LMIA recruitment requirements are quite specific. So, show us what you have done so far, and our licensed immigration practitioner will tell you if you meet all requirements or if you need to advertise again.

If my previous LMIA application for a foreign worker was refused, does it mean I can't apply again for another foreign worker in a different position?

In simple terms, just because your previous LMIA application was not approved doesn't mean you can't apply again for the same or different position naming the same or different foreign national. Each LMIA application is evaluated separately based on its own specific factors, such as the business need, recruitment efforts and results, salary offered and other factors. Our licensed immigration practitioners can review your previous application and help you understand your options and chances for a successful new LMIA application.

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The best things about using Aportunita’s services are their quick responses and detailed communication. We appreciate the step-by-step guidance during the entire process of the visa research. From research to document creation, to the overall organization of all required documents; we have complete peace of mind that Aportunita will fulfill our needs for immigration and recruitment services every time we call on them.

Christina Leonetti, Executive Assistant to CEO, Dog & Pony Studios

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LMIA is a document issued by the Canadian government to assess the impact that hiring a foreign worker would have on the Canadian labor market.
In Canada, a DLI is a school that has been approved by the provincial or territorial government to welcome international students.
Change of condition application means that you may need to move from one temporary status in Canada to another to avoid losing your status.
Living common-law means that you are living in a conjugal relationship with a person who is not your married spouse. This person has to have been living with you in a conjugal relationship for at least 12 continuous months.
IRCC stands for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.
Diploma (2 to 3 years): high school diploma. Certificate (1 to 2 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program. Professional degree (3 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program. Applied bachelor's degrees (3-4 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program.
To be compliant means that you will need to fulfill your conditions as a full-time international student and follow any additional conditions that may be applicable to you.
For Canadian immigration, you have to provide language test results from an authorized organization. There are two current authorized test providers in English, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).
Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for developing, managing and delivering social programs and services.
A transition plan describes the activities you are agreeing to undertake to recruit, retain and train Canadians and permanent residents and to reduce your reliance on the Temporary Foreign Worker Permit.
If your temporary status in Canada (e.g. your study permit) has expired and you did not apply for an extension before the expiry date, you must apply to restore your status within 90 days of the expiry date if you want to stay in Canada. This process is known as restoration of status.
A multiple entry visa will let you travel to Canada for six months at a time as many times as you want