As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), here are your benefits when partnering with us

Competition for international students is fierce. The post-pandemic rising tuition fees, the perception of Canada as a cold country, and the uncertainty of obtaining study permits make it difficult for DLI’s to attract and retain students.

You may have many potential students interested in your programs, but how many actually end up enrolling?

Most likely you receive promising qualified leads from students who fulfill all requirements to enroll in one of your programs. You may leverage various sources such as online advertising, social media campaigns, student recruitment agencies, educational fairs, and partnerships with foreign institutions.

But unfortunately, a high percentage of prospective students are ultimately unable to study in Canada due to a refused study permit application. Does that sound familiar to you? It is understandable that you are frustrated as this seems a situation beyond your control.

Here is how we can help you meet your enrolment goals and generate more revenue:

We are not a standard international student recruitment agency, that limits itself to only market your programs through our worldwide pool of potential students. Rather, we are an international student recruitment agency that also offers assistance with study permit preparation and submission since we have a licensed immigration practitioner on board. And this makes a significant difference.

Before we even propose to candidates to apply for one of your programs, we will check their eligibility for the program of their choice, and for a study permit. We will make sure that they meet all deadlines. This results in us only proposing qualified leads to you: candidates who, once accepted at your institution, are very likely to be approved for their study permit, which ultimately means that they will enroll in your program, and they will pay their fees.

Your success is our success; therefore, it is in our mutual interest to focus on good-quality candidates.

Let us help you generate more revenue, enhance diversity on campus, and contribute to a more dynamic learning environment.

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Our Services in a Nutshell

We offer a range of services to ensure that the candidates we refer to you are qualified and have a high chance to succeed at your institution:

We effectively market your programs through our worldwide pool of potential candidates

We respond to inquiries from potential candidates and help identify the programs that best suit their profiles

We check that the candidates meet all your school program requirements

We ensure that candidates qualify for a study permit to Canada before we even submit their application to you

We help candidates apply for a study permit with Canada Immigration. This ensures that the they meet all Canadian Immigration requirements and are highly likely to attend your institution

We reiterate the importance of reading all information provided by your institution to meet all school deadlines upon arrival, as well as maintaining the status as an international student in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

From which countries do you recruit your students?

Although we are very fortunate to be able to recruit students from multiple continents, our main focus is on countries in Central- East Europe and Central- South Asia. Our aim is to highlight the unique features of your school that make it the ideal choice for students who want to pursue their education in Canada and fully immerse themselves in Canadian student life regardless of where they come from.

What kind of services do you provide to assist students with their arrival and adjustment to Canada?

We know that adapting to a new culture can be challenging, especially when it comes to finances and social aspects. That's why we help every student to create an education and financial plan as part of their study permit application process with us.  

How successful are you in helping international students obtain the study permit?

To ensure that we minimize risks, we have a rigorous assessment process for each candidate, and we only accept clients who meet all of Canada's immigration eligibility criteria. As a result, we have an impressive success rate of 95% in getting study permit approvals for our clients.

How do you make sure that the candidates are a good match for the educational institutions you collaborate with?

We get to know every candidate personally and learn about their aspirations and qualifications. From the start of our process, we request their transcripts, English proficiency test results, and resumes to ensure that we only work with qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in attending your institution. We value your time as much as ours.

Do you have staff who are licensed immigration practitioners?

Our primary focus is on student recruitment, and we are an authorized agent for many designated learning institutions across Canada. We abide by all regulations and have staff members who are licensed by the CICC and the Law Societies to provide assistance with immigration-related issues.

What is your process for resolving any issues or concerns that may arise during the application process or after the student arrives in Canada?

We have practitioners on staff who have 30 years in combined experience assisting international students with their study permit applications and other immigration matters. 

What is your experience in assisting international students with their study permit applications?

We ensure applicants comply with school policies and immigration regulations. We collaborate with schools to find solutions for unique cases and refer students to appropriate school representatives for direct help.

Hear it from others

I would like to take the opportunity to say a big “Thank you” to Aportunita team, especially to Manuela who has been really supportive from the very first moment. Studying marketing was my dream and Manuela helped me find the best marketing program in one of the greatest colleges in Toronto, George Brown College. The whole process went super fast and my application was accepted in a record time. 

Working with Aportunita was the best decision I have ever made. Coming from such a pleasant experience, words are not enough how much I recommend Aportunita to everyone who is thinking of coming in Canada. Thank you so much Aportunita! Without you I wouldn’t have been able to make my dream of studying in Canada true.

Marinela Satka

Being an international student in Canada has presented challenges in the year 2021, when the cost of living was still a major concern. As a foreign student, I needed advice for many of the problems I encountered, particularly the educational system. By explaining how to proceed with the paperwork and how to get ready for school procedures, the advisors from Aportunita Company gave me the right guidance. In addition, they shared with me certain guidelines for living in Canada and things students should be aware of. And now they are advising me on how I should proceed with my work permit application paperwork. Overall, the company, particularly Ms. Faustina Kalaci and Manuela Vuckaj, assisted me with documentation and advice on how to achieve in school and in life here in Canada, which are necessary for an international student who arrives in Canada for the first time and faces challenges on a daily basis.

Brunildo Hoti

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LMIA is a document issued by the Canadian government to assess the impact that hiring a foreign worker would have on the Canadian labor market.
In Canada, a DLI is a school that has been approved by the provincial or territorial government to welcome international students.
Change of condition application means that you may need to move from one temporary status in Canada to another to avoid losing your status.
Living common-law means that you are living in a conjugal relationship with a person who is not your married spouse. This person has to have been living with you in a conjugal relationship for at least 12 continuous months.
IRCC stands for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.
Diploma (2 to 3 years): high school diploma. Certificate (1 to 2 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program. Professional degree (3 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program. Applied bachelor's degrees (3-4 years): high school + other requirements depending on the program.
To be compliant means that you will need to fulfill your conditions as a full-time international student and follow any additional conditions that may be applicable to you.
For Canadian immigration, you have to provide language test results from an authorized organization. There are two current authorized test providers in English, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).
Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for developing, managing and delivering social programs and services.
A transition plan describes the activities you are agreeing to undertake to recruit, retain and train Canadians and permanent residents and to reduce your reliance on the Temporary Foreign Worker Permit.
If your temporary status in Canada (e.g. your study permit) has expired and you did not apply for an extension before the expiry date, you must apply to restore your status within 90 days of the expiry date if you want to stay in Canada. This process is known as restoration of status.
A multiple entry visa will let you travel to Canada for six months at a time as many times as you want