Aportunita is an international recruitment agency for Canadian schools.

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to Educational Institutions

We know that applying to a secondary or a postsecondary school in another country may be a daunting process. At Aportunita, we will apply to the educational institution on your behalf. Embarking on this process together, we will guide you through each step of the way during the application process until you are accepted, at which point, you will be ready to take ownership of your academic career.

Learn which schools we manage and are trained agents for, by getting in touch with us. Depending on the program and the educational institution we are applying to, we will provide a detailed step - by - step list of requirements. While procurement of required paperwork is out of our control, we will help guide you each step of the way in your application process.

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Study Permit

Receive one-on-one guidance for your Study Permit application process. Based on your educational, employment, and civil economic background - our team of immigration consultants and lawyers will put together a tailored application for you, strategically compiling your file to feature your best circumstances.

In some cases where biometrics is not required, we can even apply on your behalf.

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Key benefits in hiring us for your Applications Processes

We provide sample documents
In-person meetings or video calls for paper applications
Continuous support / Daily follow-up during the application processes
We provide support from multiple time zones making us easily accessible

Immigration Solutions for Applicant’s Family

Eager to have your loved ones join you once you have made the move? We can also help with this. As part of our services, we apply for various types of visas for family members to support students during their stay in Canada.

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Accommodation Referrals

The real state market is ever evolving in Canada. Whether it be with new concepts such as Coliving with like-minded personalities, or on-campus residential options, we will help point you in the right direction. Applications should be made directly to the property, however, we can assist you with a list of referrals.

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New Sorroundings, New Opportunities

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